Time for me to write again

Sometimes I get the itch to write something and today it just so happened to be at 11:07pm

July 14, 20231 min readThoughts

As if my description weren't enough, here I am late at night with a Netflix documentary playing on the TV and me writing stuff I'll probably think is nonsense tomorrow. Hey, sometimes I just get the urge to create, to make something that I can point to and say, "Look, I made that! Isn't it cool?"

I'll probably be the only one who thinks this little blog is cool, but at least I will have created something. I've had this itch to create for years now, and I think I trip myself up trying to think of the perfect "thing" to create. Do I start a business? Do I make an app? Do I learn how to make the perfect beef jerky and package it up?

I need to stop worrying about doing things perfectly and just make something. That's why I started this little blog - I don't even know if anyone will read it, but it's one step to creating something.